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Where Can I Shop Online? What Websites Ship To Korea?

Between the affordable prices, the over-the-top fashion, and all the freebies you’ll get just for browsing, Korea does shopping right. Online and off, shopping is easy and efficient. But maybe reading all that Hangul gives [continue reading...]

Jochiwon: What Are Good Days To Go To The Traditional Market (시장)?

The Jochiwon traditional outdoor market (조치원 시장), now called the Sejong City Traditional Market, is a great place to shop for produce, clothes, household items, seafood, traditional Korean food, and numerous other items.

Jochiwon: How Do I Get To Homeplus?

Homeplus is the big department store that combines groceries, clothes, stationery and electronics. It’s much like a Walmart or Tesco; in fact, it is a Tesco-owned company. You have several options for getting there, from walking [continue reading...]