Yetnal Haejanguk & Jokbal (옛날 해장국 & 족발) In Sejong

Located across the street from the Cheotmael First Prime 1-danji Apartments in Sejong, 옛날 해장국 & 족발 (Yetnal Haejangguk & Jokbal) restaurant is easy to overlook – it’s inside an unassuming  little mall, with no ads out on the street. [continue reading...]

Ogyeopsal Restaurant: 깡통주먹구이 (Ggangtong Jumeokgui)

If you haven’t tried ogyeopsal yet, we recommend  깡통주먹구이 (Ggangtong Jumeokgui), which  is a popular ogyeopsal restaurant located nearby the post office in Jochiwon. If you like samgyeopsal, you’ll probably like ogyeopsal even more. Ogyeopsal is similar [continue reading...]