Amanda Ark


Amanda Ark is is from DeGraff, Ohio. She arrived in Korea in September of 2013 after earning a BA in Math Education and an MA in Curriculum and Teaching from Bowling Green State University. She spends her free time reading, listening to music, singing, and frolicking in nature. Her ideal spot to be in nature would be sitting underneath a tree next to a moving stream in the forest.

Stories by Amanda

Welcome To The Sejong Scoop

Welcome to The Sejong Scoop blog. Here you can find summaries of and links to articles or interesting news stories from major Korean newspapers about Sejong [continue reading...]

The Chicken Strut: Keun Tong (큰통)

It’s time to devour some delicious fowl in our second installment of: The Chicken Strut! This month’s post will be small but satisfying; just like [continue reading...]

The Chicken Strut: What is it?

Ah… Sejong City… a city famous for peaches, the new government complex, a barefoot mountain, and….. fried chicken? You read that right: fried chicken! Our city [continue reading...]