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Mekong Thai: Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant Near The Sejong Lake Park

Mekong Thai is a chain Thai/ Vietnamese Restaurant located near the Sejong Lake Park. Until Mekong Thai arrived in town, we had  been satisfying our cravings for Thai food with the single Pad Thai dish offered at the [continue reading...]

Yetnal Haejanguk & Jokbal (옛날 해장국 & 족발) In Sejong

Located across the street from the Cheotmael First Prime 1-danji Apartments in Sejong, 옛날 해장국 & 족발 (Yetnal Haejangguk & Jokbal) restaurant is easy to overlook – it’s inside an unassuming  little mall, with no ads out on the street. [continue reading...]

La Belle Maijon (라벨메종): Italian Restaurant

La Belle Maijon (라벨메종), located across the street from Tonkatsu Club,  is a cozy Italian restaurant with a warm, wooden, rustic interior. The menu is a simple assortment of pastas, pork cutlets, fried rice dishes, and [continue reading...]

호수마루 (Hosu Maru): Lakeside Library Restaurant In Sejong

Located on the 4th floor of the Sejong Library near the government complex buildings, Hosu Maru (호수마루) not only has the best view in town, but also the best salad.  We recommend grabbing a table [continue reading...]

Misoya: Japanese Restaurant In Jochiwon

Misoya is a Japanese chain restaurant located near Jochiwon train station.  If you’re really craving Japanese food or have never eaten any before, Misoya is a good place for a quick fix or an introduction. Although [continue reading...]

Ogyeopsal Restaurant: 깡통주먹구이 (Ggangtong Jumeokgui)

If you haven’t tried ogyeopsal yet, we recommend  깡통주먹구이 (Ggangtong Jumeokgui), which  is a popular ogyeopsal restaurant located nearby the post office in Jochiwon. If you like samgyeopsal, you’ll probably like ogyeopsal even more. Ogyeopsal is similar [continue reading...]