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Mekong Thai: Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant Near The Sejong Lake Park

Mekong Thai is a chain Thai/ Vietnamese Restaurant located near the Sejong Lake Park. Until Mekong Thai arrived in town, we had  been satisfying our cravings for Thai food with the single Pad Thai dish offered at the [continue reading...]

Yetnal Haejanguk & Jokbal (옛날 해장국 & 족발) In Sejong

Located across the street from the Cheotmael First Prime 1-danji Apartments in Sejong, 옛날 해장국 & 족발 (Yetnal Haejangguk & Jokbal) restaurant is easy to overlook – it’s inside an unassuming  little mall, with no ads out on the street. [continue reading...]

Where Are The Beauty Stores In Jochiwon?

Korea has a plethora of high quality cosmetics chains that sell everything from standard cosmetics to natural ingredient-based makeup and skin care products to expensive anti-aging systems.  Korean beauty products are diverse, fairly inexpensive and [continue reading...]

Where Can I Find The Emergency Room In Jochiwon?

If you need serious medical attention, call 119 immediately.  Sejong Hospital (세종병원) Few people speak any English at all at Sejong Hospital, which is the only hospital in the Jochiwon area that can do stitches or staples. Directions: To [continue reading...]

Where Are The Stationery Stores In Jochiwon?

For many reasons, you may find yourself in need of a stationery store. Whether you need some writing paper, cute gifts to send home, or prizes for your students, Jochiwon is more than able to meet [continue reading...]