Movies: What’s playing at the Megabox in Jochiwon?

Movie posters on display at the Jochiwon Megabox. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

Movie posters on display at the Jochiwon Megabox. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

If you are just moving to Jochiwon or here for a visit, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a movie theater in town. It is called Megabox and it plays many current Hollywood films. These movies will normally be in English, so you will have to get used to having Korean subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Once in a while movies will be dubbed in Korean, though. This typically happens with animated films.

So, how do you find this information? There is a great website called Cine in Korea. Here you can find all the information for movies that are playing at the Jochiwon Megabox and every other theater in Korea, too. The website is convenient because it is in English unlike the main theater homepages and apps in Korea.

Using Cine in Korea is simple, too. The main page has links to all of the movies that are playing in Korea at the time. To view what is playing at the Jochiwon Megabox, you will need to click Chungcheong Province under Theaters. That will take you to a page with all the different theaters in Chungcheong Province. Scroll down to the Megabox section and click on Sejong for the Jochiwon theater.

There you will see a list of films and all of the times they are playing. You can also check the times for different days and even reserve your tickets online. You can also read under the descriptions if the film is in English or Korean dubbed. Though Korean films will not have English subtitles, there are a few theaters that play Korean films with English subtitles. If you go to Cine in Korea’s main page you can click on the English subtitle option and it’ll give a list of films with English subtitles and where they are playing.

Korea offers a lot of options in their theaters that may be new to you. These include 4DX, Sweet Boxes, Gold Class, and some of the biggest IMAXes in the world. Here is a quick break down of them all. 4DX will be in 3D, but your seat will move with the action of the film. Also, it’ll spray water and bursts of air to simulate the what is happening on the screen. It is very similar to something you’d find at an amusement park. Sweet Boxes are two seats made into one. Perfect for dates because the arm rest isn’t dividing you and your date. Gold Class offers massive lounging space for your theater experience along with beer, wine, and coffee. This is like the first class of movie watching.

IMAXes can be found in lots of theaters in Korea, but there is one that is the absolute biggest. It is called the Starium and it is located at the Times Square Mall in Seoul. It is located at the CGV in Yeoungdeungpo, so you can get off at Yeoungdeungpo Market Station and take exit 4 to get there. It is on line 4 of the Seoul Metro.

When you get to the theater you’ll be able to chose your seat. So, the earlier you buy tickets the better the seats you’ll be able to pick from. You won’t have to save seats for friends or keep an eye on your seat while you go buy snacks. In the end, you’ll find Korean theaters to be similar to the ones you’re used with some nice perks, too. So use Cine in Korea, buy a ticket, and enjoy the show.


Jochiwon MegaBox

Directions: Starting at Jochiwon station walk towards Nonghyup bank. Turn left at the roundabout by Nonghyup and Megabox will be on your right.

Address: 충남 연기군 조치원읍 교리 24-1

Phone Number: 041-1544-0070

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