How Can I Have Packages Delivered To Me?

Packages wait to be picked up at the GS25 convenience store in Jochiwon, South Korea. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

Packages wait to be picked up at the GS25 convenience store in Jochiwon, South Korea. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

Whether you’re expecting a package from family, a shipment from a retailer, or a new sofa, there are several ways to have items delivered from within Korea or overseas.


The easiest and most common option for receiving a package is to ship to your work address.  Packages will usually be delivered to your school’s administration office. This also makes it the safest option, as there will always be someone there to accept your package, even if you aren’t.

You can ship items to your home address, but if you’re not there, the delivery driver will most likely not leave the package. The driver will generally phone you (in Korean) for more instructions. If they do, you might want to ask a co-teacher or co-worker to handle the call for you.

You can ask to have your package left at a nearby convenience store to pick up later (this is very common; here is a link with more information

You can also have your package returned to the local post office to pick up later. The post office in downtown Jochiwon is generally open until 7 p.m. on weeknights.

Lastly, you can have the package left at your door on request. While theft is much less common in Korea than many other countries, it still happens…leave your stuff unattended at your own risk!

Standard Mail:

Mail (cards, letters, standard sized documents) can be safely sent to your home address. For important documents (things like immigration/visa documents or passport renewals), you may want to use your work address for added security.


 If you’ve ordered furniture (and other large or heavy items) that can’t be shipped to your school or left in a shop and you won’t be home when it arrives, you can add a delivery note asking the driver to call you. For Korean sites, a co-teacher or co-worker can help you with this. Most online order forms have a space for instructions or notes. Request that the driver call you (or a co-worker) when they arrive with your shipment. You can provide them with your door codes, and they will leave your item in your apartment.

NOTE: Your delivery address does not have to be written in Korean. Your family, friends or overseas retailers can use the Romanized spelling of your address. However, if you order from Korean websites or retailers, you may be required to enter your shipping address in Korean. Your address written in Korean can generally be found on the back side of your ARC (Alien Registration Card).

Your address should be written in Korean order as follows:

(Postal Code) 
(Street Name, Street Number) 
(Building Name & Apartment Number) or (School Name) 
(Your Name)
Republic of Korea
Sejong City 
Chimsan-ri 12
Hwan Hee Building #123
Mr. Blah Blah

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