Where Can I Attend Churches Or English Bible Studies In Jochiwon Or Sejong?

The Jochiwon Evangelical Church has services every Sunday at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1:45 p.m. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong DIsh)

The Jochiwon Evangelical Church has services every Sunday at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1:45 p.m. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong DIsh)

If you’ve recently moved to the Jochiwon/Sejong area and are interested in attending a church service, you’ll soon find that though churches are plentiful, English services are not. If you’re looking for an English service, we hope this article is helpful.

Jochiwon Evangelical Church (조치원 성결교회)

If you are looking for a protestant church in Jochiwon with an English service you are welcome to come join the service at Jochiwon Evangelical Church.

An English service is held at Jochiwon Evangelical Church every Sunday from 4-5 p.m. The service is all in English with a traditional format of worship, a sermon, and fellowship time afterward. There is no childcare or children’s church offered yet for the English service, so you are welcome to bring your children with you to the service.

Immediately following the English service, there is a time of small group fellowship. The small groups meet with members of similar age groups and share encouragement about life and pray for one another.

Location: Jochiwon Evangelical Church (조치원 성결교회) is located on the north side of the stream in Jochiwon.

How to get there:  From Ook-il Apartments walk north past Angel-in-us and keep going until you cross the stream. Once across the stream, turn right and walk about 1 minute until you pass the soccer fields; the church is the large one on your left. It takes about 7-10 minutes to walk there from Ook-ill.

Address:  세종특별자치시 조치원읍 서창리 292-3

Phone: 044-865-4815


 River of Nations Church in Sejong City

If you live in the new part of Sejong City another option is to attend River of Nations Church. This new church plant offers an English-speaking service in the Sejong area. Currently, it is a house church meeting on the outskirts of Sejong City. The church is non-denominational, missional, and its services are in English.

The service begins at 12 noon, and they have a children’s service as well. After the service they eat refreshments together, and there is a small group Bible study at 2 p.m. There are a mix of English-speaking Koreans and foreigners which make up a small number of regularly-attending members. If you are looking for a close-knit community church in Sejong proper with an English-speaking service, this would be a great church to try.

How to get there:

– The church offers pick-up from Cheotmaeul Aparte/첫마을 아파트 near the BRT bus station, but you need to contact them to tell them if you are coming or they won’t pick you up there.

– You can get to Cheotmaeul Aparte/첫마을 아파트 on the 601 or 620 bus from Jochiwon Station.

-The easiest way to get to this church is to contact them directly through their facebook page and tell them from where you are coming; they can then direct you where to go, or have someone pick you up.

– You can also take the 601 bus to Daepyong-ri/대평리, from there, transfer to the 670 bus. Get off at the Sanrim mulgwan jeong-ryu-jang/박림물관정류장. From there walk back the way the bus came to the ‘T’ in the road, turn right, and walk to River of the Nations House Church. The house is a tan two-story house at the end of the road (Picture included in the attached flyer).

Address:  50-41 Donam 2 gil, Guemnam-myeon, Sejong, Korea/ 세종특별자치시 금남면 도남 2길 50-41

Phone: 044-864-9080; Fax: 044-864-9081

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/riverofnationschurch


  Jochiwon Catholic Church (조치원 성당)

If you are Catholic, there is one Catholic church in Jochiwon which holds mass every Sunday at 6 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. The 3 p.m. mass is the children’s mass and the 7 p.m. mass is the youth mass. We recommend the youth mass since many young adults and college students attend and participate in this mass.

Mass times during the week are as follows: Monday 6 a.m., Tuesday 7 p.m., Wednesday- Saturday 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.   This service is all Korean, but there are other foreigners who attend this church, as well as Koreans who speak English.

Location: The Jochiwon Catholic Church (조치원 성당) is located downtown across from Punsan Apartments (푼산 아파트).

How to get there: Starting at Jochiwon Station go straight and turn right at the roundabout. Go two blocks, past the traditional market and turn left on a one way street. The church will be down the one-way street on your right. It’s about a 20 minute walk from Ook-il apartments.

Address: 세종시 조치원읍 새내6길 30

Phone: 044-863-5321


Outside of Sejong

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? We know the choices for English service or Bible study in Jochiwon/Sejong are rather thin at the moment, but as more foreigners move in and the city grows, the need for English services will grow and more churches will step up to meet that need. For now, though, a good option would be to try an already established English ministry in one of the neighboring towns of Daejeon, Cheonan, or Cheongju. You can find information on these ministries by clicking on one of the links below.

Information about churches in Cheonan 

Information about churches in Daejeon 

Information about churches in Cheongju

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