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The Sejong Dish is a blog centering around life in Jochiwon and Sejong, South Korea. We will dish you local restaurant recommendations, advice on things to do for fun, and general tips on navigating life as a foreigner in “Happy City Sejong.”

If you’ve never heard of Sejong City,  that’s probably because it didn’t exist 5 years ago. In fact, it’s still under construction now. If you have heard of Sejong City, it’s likely that you already live or work here. The city is due to be fully completed in 2030, but until then it’s going to look eerily like the set of a post-apocalyptic movie.

Sejong, which includes the area formerly known as Yeongi county,  is so new, it doesn’t even show up on Google maps yet.   To top it off, the official name isn’t even Sejong; it’s “Sejong Special Autonomous City.” Since that is quite a mouthful, Koreans have nicknamed Sejong: “Happy City.”

Unfortunately, it’s likely to make you very unhappy when you can’t seem to find that much information about it. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, we’re hoping to fix that information gap here at The Sejong Dish.

We are a group of ESL teachers living and working in Jochiwon and Sejong. We are here to share the knowledge we’ve learned about getting around town and hopefully make it a little easier for you to adjust to life here when you first arrive.

Just like Sejong, The Sejong Dish is still under construction, so please leave us your comments and send us your questions. In the meantime, check out the FAQs page for answers to questions like “Where can I buy groceries in Jochiwon?” or “How can I have packages delivered to me?”

Have a question? Send it to sejongdish@sejongdish.com

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Salgu Wissmath, whose first name means apricot in Korean, is from Sacramento, California. She arrived in Korea in August of 2012 and is the founder of The Sejong Dish. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2009 with a degree in Linguistics . Her hobbies and interests include a love of photography, playing the guitar, doing yoga, and riding her bike. She also likes hiking the many mountains in Korea. View all posts by Salgu Wissmath →

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