The Chicken Strut: Keun Tong (큰통)

Crispy Fried Chicken from Keun Tong Chicken. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

Crispy Fried Chicken from Keun Tong Chicken. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

It’s time to devour some delicious fowl in our second installment of: The Chicken Strut! This month’s post will be small but satisfying; just like our strut stop: Keun Tong Chicken (큰통).

This little shop has two main chicken options: the crispy chicken or the spicy chicken. There are three ways to order: you can dine-in, take-out, or have it delivered by calling 044-863-7822 .

Open every day from 3 p.m. -12 a.m. (closed every other Monday) this is the perfect place to stop for your quick chicken fix. The crispy chicken is only a 5 minute wait and the spicy chicken is about an 8 minute wait.

Six of the Dish writers ate there on a Thursday night, but had the back table not been open, we wouldn’t have fit. This restaurant is very small and the chicken is probably best enjoyed as take-out or delivery as the environment is slightly dark and dingy. Also, patrons are allowed to smoke inside the restaurant, so you should avoid dining in if you don’t like smoke. That being said the owner and staff are very friendly and efficient. The owner came over to our table to take our order and we ordered one of each type of chicken, crispy and spicy, as well as a bottle of Cider.

Our food came out in a flash and after some picture taking we dug in. The crispy chicken is the plain breaded fried chicken with a little bit of spice under the skin which gives the chicken a nice flavor.  The restaurant also gives a small bowl of mustard dipping sauce for the crispy chicken. We all enjoyed the crispy chicken.

However, our favorite chicken, by far, was the the spicy chicken (양념 치킨). This is nearly the same as the regular crispy chicken, but for ₩1,000 more it is dipped in a delicious spicy sauce. The sauce isn’t mouth-numbing spicy and is even a little sweet. We highly recommend your choice be the spicy chicken if you are only getting one order, but for two or more orders you can mix and match the spicy chicken with the regular crispy!

In total, our meal was ₩25,000, but it would have been even cheaper if we had opted for take-out (₩1,000 off per order of chicken). We left feeling satisfied and intent on coming back again. We hope you enjoy your own spicy or crispy chicken!

Until We Strut Again…

Directions: If you want to enjoy this amazing chicken, strut your way down to Keun Tong. Walk straight from Plan B towards Ook-ill apartments, cross the street at the CU and you will see Keun Tong on your right. Their door has a symbol of a circle with a big chicken sitting on the barrel.

Price Range: ₩10,000-₩12,000

Dish Pick: The spicy chicken (양념 치킨)

Hours: 3 p.m. – 12 a.m., closed every other Monday

Phone: 044-863-7822

Delivery: YES

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