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The B, a coffee shop located directly across from the station, near the 7-11, is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Michael Thayer/ The Sejong Dish)

The B, a coffee shop located directly across from the station, near the 7-11, is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Michael Thayer/ The Sejong Dish)

If you ever find yourself needing a place to relax for a cup of coffee while waiting for your train at Jochiwon Station, there is always The B, located directly across from the station, near the 7-11.

When you step inside, its wood interior evokes feelings of being in a coffee shop in a secluded forest, and, unless you look out the window, for a moment you can even forget that hustle and traffic is occurring outside. The plants also give the place a sense of life and vitality. If the fragrance industry could somehow create a freshly-cut wood scent and if it were to be sprayed sparingly into The B, I’d drink coffee here more often.

The menu itself is diverse and accommodating to drinkers of different kinds of coffee: from the staple and ubiquitous Americano, to the espresso, to the mochas and lattes. If you’d like, there is also a selection of specialty coffees that the barista can freshly grind up for you to bring home. They carry many kinds of beans including: Brazil Ipanema and Colombia Racafe, which they always have, and others that rotate, such as Guatemala SHB and Kenya AA. If you enjoy a strong coffee, The B usually will brew up a dark flavorful coffee which can then be watered down according to your preference.

There is a steep staircase leading to a second floor, which is more comfortable than the first. It is spacious and well-furnished with tables that seat two or three. Whether you chose to sit on the first or second floor, when you place your order at the counter, your barista will bring your coffee to you. Once you reach the top, there is a door that leads outside to accommodate smokers, furnished with tables and chairs.

Unlike some coffee shops, the music does what I think music in coffee shops should do: stays in the background unintrusively, yet, at the same time, relaxes you in contemplative moments or non-awkward  moments (or even awkward ones) of silence among friends or between dates.

If you have a friend visiting, and they’d like a moment to relax and talk, take them here, because it feels like being in the home of a very cool friend with both a great sense of interior design and coffee. If you spend just a few moments in here, you’ll leave with your senses feeling revitalized and ready for your train ride.


Directions: It is located across from Jochiwon Station, near the 7-11.
Price Range: ₩3,500 -₩5,000
Hours: 11:00 am-11 pm
Telephone: 070-4102-6888
Address: 충남 연기군 조치원읍 원리 10-25
Food and Desserts: Yes
Wifi Available: Yes

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