Shabu Hyang (샤브향): Flavorful, Filling, and Fresh

Shabu Hyang (샤브향)  is a reasonably priced and relaxed dining spot with a friendly atmosphere and delicious fusion food consisting primarily of Vietnamese and Korean elements. It has a spacious, bright interior of tan faux-brick [continue reading...]

Misoya: Japanese Restaurant In Jochiwon

Misoya is a Japanese chain restaurant located near Jochiwon train station.  If you’re really craving Japanese food or have never eaten any before, Misoya is a good place for a quick fix or an introduction. Although [continue reading...]

Where Can I Attend Churches Or English Bible Studies In Jochiwon Or Sejong?

If you’ve recently moved to the Jochiwon/Sejong area and are interested in attending a church service, you’ll soon find that though churches are plentiful, English services are not. If you’re looking for an English service, [continue reading...]

The Chicken Strut: Noo Nah Hol Dak (누나홀닭)

Located just a block and a half down from the entrance to Ook-ill apartments is the first stop on the Chicken Strut: Noo Nah Hol Dak  (누나홀닭). This restaurant is relativity new to the Jochiwon [continue reading...]