Sejong’s Best Brunch: Cafe Apill

When you get a craving for Western-style brunch in Korea, it can be hard to find a suitable restaurant, especially in Sejong. Koreans traditionally eat from the same menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and specialized breakfast-only restaurants are [continue reading...]

La Belle Maijon (라벨메종): Italian Restaurant

La Belle Maijon (라벨메종), located across the street from Tonkatsu Club,  is a cozy Italian restaurant with a warm, wooden, rustic interior. The menu is a simple assortment of pastas, pork cutlets, fried rice dishes, and [continue reading...]

Dos Mas Mexican Grill (도스마스 부리또): Burritos In Jochiwon

Mexican food can be hard to come by in Korea, and even harder to find in Sejong.  It’s not exactly traditional Mexican food, but there is one burrito place in town. When you’re craving anything slightly [continue reading...]

호수마루 (Hosu Maru): Lakeside Library Restaurant In Sejong

Located on the 4th floor of the Sejong Library near the government complex buildings, Hosu Maru (호수마루) not only has the best view in town, but also the best salad.  We recommend grabbing a table [continue reading...]

The Two Guys Underground Blues Cafe (두남자인 반지하 브루쓰 Cafe)

You know all those other Korean cafes you’ve been to? They wish they were The Two Guys Underground Blues (두남자인 반지하 브루쓰). While other places may spend large amounts of money to capture that well-worn, slightly distressed, [continue reading...]

Where Is The Art Store In Jochiwon/Sejong?

If you are an artist, you are probably wondering where to find real, high quality art supplies in Jochiwon/Sejong. While stationery stores have a variety of simple art supplies such as watercolor paints, sketchbooks, pencils, [continue reading...]