Ogyeopsal Restaurant: 깡통주먹구이 (Ggangtong Jumeokgui)

Ogyeopsal on the grill at 깡통주먹구이 in Jochiwon, South Korea. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

Ogyeopsal on the grill at 깡통주먹구이 in Jochiwon, South Korea. (Salgu Wissmath/ The Sejong Dish)

If you haven’t tried ogyeopsal yet, we recommend  깡통주먹구이 (Ggangtong Jumeokgui), which  is a popular ogyeopsal restaurant located nearby the post office in Jochiwon. If you like samgyeopsal, you’ll probably like ogyeopsal even more. Ogyeopsal is similar to samgyeopsal. While samgyeopsal has only three layers in each slice of meat, ogyeopsal has five layers, meaning it is thicker, juicier, and more delicious than samgyeopsal.

When you go into the restaurant you have the option of Korean style floor seating along the left wall or stool seating in the center of the restaurant. If you opt for the stool seating you won’t have to take your shoes off, but you might be wondering where to stash your coat. Tip: at least one of the stools at your table should have a lid you can lift off to conveniently stash your coat and other belongs inside.

When you order your meat the waiters will start cooking it on the grill at your table. Usually when you go to a samgyeopsal restaurant you are expected to cut up the meat yourself and keep an eye on it while it cooks. Here, though, they will do this for you. After the ogyeopsal has cooked a little while, they will take it off the grill to the kitchen to slice the meat for you. After slicing, they will return the meat to your grill so you can finish cooking it to the well-doneness of your liking.

When your meat is done, you are ready to make ssam bap (lettuce wraps), or just eat the meat plain.   You can use lettuce if you like, but we recommend you try wrapping your ogyupsal in kimchi instead of lettuce for an even more fantastic flavor. If you want rice with your meal you can order 공기밥 (gonggibap) for 1,000 won.

If you are a foodie or like to try new things, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste 번데기 (bundeggi), which is one of the side dishes you get with your meal. Bundeggi are silkworm larva and a popular delicacy in Korea.

Hours: 5pm-12am;  closed every 2nd and 4th Sunday

Directions: Coming from Megabox, turn left at the post office. Take your first left. The restaurant will be on your right.

Address: 세종시 조치원읍 교리 23-25

Phone: 044-867-1022

Prices: Ogyeopsal 오겹살  ₩11,000/ person

Recommendations: Best for 2 or more people

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