Misoya: Japanese Restaurant In Jochiwon

Misoya is a Japanese chain restaurant located near Jochiwon train station. (Maggie O'Driscoll/ The Sejong Dish)

Misoya is a Japanese chain restaurant located near Jochiwon train station. (Maggie O'Driscoll/ The Sejong Dish)

Misoya is a Japanese chain restaurant located near Jochiwon train station.  If you’re really craving Japanese food or have never eaten any before, Misoya is a good place for a quick fix or an introduction.

Although the service is speedy, the staff always gives you enough time to browse the menu, which is in both English and Korean. Even better, if you aren’t accustomed to Japanese food at all, it has pictures for all items.  (NOTE: although some items are listed as ‘appetizers,’ they will come Korean-style as a side-dish to your main meal unless you ask otherwise). With sides like takoyaki and ojinga rings, and main dishes like bento boxes, sushi platters, ramen, donkatsu and udon, you are likely to find something you enjoy.

Misoya  is clean, fairly well lit, and, despite being small, doesn’t feel too squished. The decor and furniture, though nondescript, are comfortable. As mentioned, it’s quite a small restaurant, in fact it has no bathroom, so a group larger than 4 or 5 may have a hard time getting seats.

Our top recommendation is  the 회덮밥 (Hwedeopbab) which is similar to bibimbap. Unlike bibimbap, this dish is not a vegetarian option as it includes some raw fish like salmon. One of the best things about this fresh and tasty dish is the plethora of vegetables including pickled radish, crisp red cabbage, carrot, water cress, cucumber and lettuce. Mixed together, the taste is sublime and for one of us it has become our go-to dish whenever we go to Misoya.  Another recommendation is the Shrimp Roll. Similar to a California Roll, it contains no raw fish. The shrimp is fully cooked in a crispy batter, then rolled in delicious rice with cucumber. While you can definitely order one all for yourself, another option, which is the one we chose, was to order one as a side for the table.


Directions: Walk, take a taxi or bus to Jochiwon train station. From there, with your back to the train station, go straight for two blocks. Misoya is on the right before you get to the roundabout.

Price Range: 2,000 – 10,000 per person.

Dish Pick: Hwedeopbap (회덮밥) 7,000

Hours:  11:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. daily

Phone: 044-863-8777

Address: 충남 연기군 조치원읍 원리 12-1 1층 (Chungnam, Yeongi-gun, Jochiwon-eup, Wonri 12-11 Chong). Multiple locations throughout Korea, including Jochiwon.

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