Where Can I Shop Online? What Websites Ship To Korea?

Between the affordable prices, the over-the-top fashion, and all the freebies you’ll get just for browsing, Korea does shopping right. Online and off, shopping is easy and efficient. But maybe reading all that Hangul gives [continue reading...]

Jochiwon: What Are Good Days To Go To The Traditional Market (시장)?

The Jochiwon traditional outdoor market (조치원 시장), now called the Sejong City Traditional Market, is a great place to shop for produce, clothes, household items, seafood, traditional Korean food, and numerous other items.

Jochiwon: How Do I Get To Homeplus?

Homeplus is the big department store that combines groceries, clothes, stationery and electronics. It’s much like a Walmart or Tesco; in fact, it is a Tesco-owned company. You have several options for getting there, from walking [continue reading...]

How Late Do Trains Run To Jochiwon Station?

 Trains run fairly late in Korea and there are even some in the early hours of the morning. Here you will find the times for the last trains leaving for Jochiwon from Seoul, Daejeon, Seo-Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, [continue reading...]