Kris Sevillena


Kristoffer Sevillena is from New Jersey, USA. Kris studied English Literature at Western Maryland College. He came to Korea in February 2013, where he is currently working as a middle school teacher. Kristoffer loves to read, write, and exercise. He has recently taken up cooking after being inspired by Gordon Ramsay. Other interests include Indie comics, contemporary Asian art, and snowboarding. He also enjoys discovering other people’s passions. If he had a million dollars to do anything with, Kris said that he would buy out toy stores for an hour and let children, who otherwise would be unable, pick whatever toy they wanted for free.

Stories by Kris

The B

If you ever find yourself needing a place to relax for a cup of coffee while waiting for your train at Jochiwon Station, there is [continue reading...]

End Of The Line

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